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Licensed Professional Civil Engineer

Escondido, CA
The Senior Manager will oversee assigned projects along with selected staff members and direct the broad range of activities required for the successful and profitable completion of assigned projects. The scope of the Project Manager’s responsibility will necessitate that they assume a lead role in the following:
• Technical accuracy and efficient completion of projects
• Client management and accountability to the client
• Coordination with other consultants in the project design team
• Fiscal responsibility for projects under their control
• Business Development
• Management and career development of assigned staff
Typical Responsibilities:
The Manager will be responsible for activities that include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Assists in the preparation of qualifications and proposals
• Establishes technical criteria, provides technical guidance, and directs the activities of project team
• Prepares project authorizations, establishes budget costs and schedules for each project under supervision, and reviews budget for potential Contract Change Orders or other accounting related items.
• Maintains profitability through control of projects for which the Sr. Project Manager is responsible
• Fosters cooperation on projects that entail joint efforts between the Sr. Project Manager’s operating group, the Surveying Department and Accounting Department
• As appropriate, assumes a project management role in leading multi-disciplinary project teams that may consist of staff members from other groups and/or departments within the Firm
• Assumes an active role in professional and technical societies to enhance and enrich career and professional development
• Defines the area of responsibility and project assignments for the staff members
• Responsible for quality review of designs, reports, written opinions, and other documents prior to their submission to approving agencies or client
• Coordinates with the reworking of designs, reports, written opinions, and other documents prior to their submission to the client
ses discretion to offer services and advice to the client beyond the scope of the formal agreement if such work is in the interest of client
•  Prepare Drainage Studies to Agency Standards in support of Land Development Design 
⮚ Hydrology Pre and Post Development
⮚ 100 Year Flood Water Attenuation
⮚ Retention Basin Design
⮚ Onsite & Offsite Storm Drain System Hydraulics/Design
⮚ Preparation of all required exhibits
•  Prepare SWQMP/WQTR/WQMP to Agency Standards in support of Land Development Design 
⮚ Complete SWQMP including all research regarding Pollutants of concern, 303d Stream locations/requirements
⮚ Hydromodification (HCOC) research, requirements and calculations
⮚ Treatment Facility Design
⮚ Preparation of all required exhibits
•  Coordinate with Design Team and Agency to implement an effective, integrated Storm Water Management / Quality design.

Relationships to Others:
•  Reports to President / Owner
•  Junior Engineers and designers report directly to the Sr. Project Manager
•  Will receive assistance from field and administrative staff

Knowledge and Experience Required:
•  California Registered Civil Engineer’s License
•  Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering and 7+ years of relevant experience
•  AutoCAD / Civil 3D
•  Drainage Studies/ SWQMP/WQTR/WQMP
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